The Path and The Way

Referred to either as a single grouping or by either of its parts, the Path and the Way is a terrestrial gathering of faiths that made the leap full blown into the stars from the Shou empire on Toril in Realmspace. The Path and the Way postulates a celestial bureaucracy, well managed and organized, with various Powers taking on particular duties within the organization rather than venerating any specific deity.

While the Path and the Way has spread throughout the Known Spheres and to many different races, it is fragmented into hundreds of tiny subsects, each proposing specific deities to occupy the various positions within the celestial bureaucracy. Religious scholars disagree (often violently) about the true nature of the Path and the inner nuances of the Way.

Symbol: Followers of the Path use a yin-yang symbol in the colors of the chief of their personal pantheon. Believers in the Way use the sign of a low, rounded stone bridge.

Headquarters: The Path and the Way began centuries in Realmspace. However, it is so fragmented now that any claim of a headquarters would be worthless. CGR1

The Path and The Way

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