The Grand Conjunction of Ravenloft

The Grand Conjunction was a devastating event that occurred in the year 740 (on the Barovian calendar, the usual reference for time in Ravenloft). The Vistani seer Hyskosa foresaw this in a hexad of prophecies. Over the course of five years, the verses were fulfilled until the wizard-king Azalin (in an attempt to leave the Demiplane of Dread) forced the Conjunction to occur early. For a brief time the darklords were freed from their curses and prisons in the Mists before the Conjunction collapsed – but not before many changes were made to both the lands of the Core and the Islands of Terror.

What changed during the Grand Conjunction?

Dr. Dominiani, lord of Gundarak since the assassination of the former ruler, was given his own land. This left Gundarak to be conquered and absorbed by surrounding lands.

Borca and Dorvinia united into a single nation (retaining the name Borca).

Valachan moved and now lies west of Sithicus and Verbrek.

Arak, Arkandale, Vechor, Farelle, and Sanguinia disappeared. Arak was absorbed into Darkon.

Arkandale was absorbed into Verbrek.

G’Henna, Bluetspur and the Nightmare Lands became Islands of Terror.

Markovia was wrenched out of the Core and into the Sea of Sorrows.

The domains of Dominia and Rokushima Taiyoo formed

The Sea of Sorrows gained a darklord.

The space left by G’Henna and Markovia became the mysterious “Shadow Rift.”

The domain of Zherisia shrunk to become only the city of Paridon.

Aftershocks of the Grand Conjunction had continued to reshape the demiplane in following years. This is most notable in the appearance of Clusters. Briefly:

Vechor reappeared after a decade as a Core domain.

The domains of Saragoss, Sri Raji, and the Wildlands merged to become the Verdurous Lands.
Har’Akir, Sebua, and Pharazia became the Amber Wastes.

The domain of Zherisia (renamed Paridon) joined with Timor to form the Zherisia Cluster.
Sanguinia and Vorostokov merged to become the Frozen Reaches.

And the domains of Nidala, Avonleigh, and Shadowborn Manor merged into the Shadowlands.

Excerpted from the Fraternity of Shadows Ravenloft FAQ

The Grand Conjunction of Ravenloft

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