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The Metaverse of the Planejammer games is comprised of not only the core Planescape multiverse, but many others that exist on different vibratory planes. The one seeming constant across all realities is the Illithid Threat (or as groundlings call them, mind flayers).

The planet Oerth in Greyspace is the nexus point between probabilities where it becomes much easier to cross the multiversal barrier. To some it is a golden prize in the invisible battle among those few who are aware of the different layers of reality. To others it is a changeover point between stacked arrays of multiverses.

The majority of the campaign series takes place in the Dimension of The Great Wheel. A truly mythic array of forces and factions attempt grandiose schemes spanning multiple realities. Some of the major players identified so far include gods, legendary mortals, and organizations that span the stars and the planes themselves.


  • Unified Multiversal Timeline Bringing together events from Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Dark Sun and more! Ths is the ultimate timeline of the Great Wheel!
  • Settlement Index From Waterdeep to Sigil and beyond. These are the Pathfinder Settlement stat blocks for the various cities used in the campaigns.
  • Multiple Oerths A dimensional nexus. My own expansion of Gary Gygax’s original alternate Oerths.
  • Geonomicon of The Seekers The known Crystal Spheres and the star systems that lie within them.
  • The Great Wheel The Planescape cosmology. The baseline arrangement of classic DND. Here we have annotated the realms beynd the prime material, and there are many.
  • Dimensions Parallel worlds and alternate realities beyond the known planes. From the modern city of London to the Dragon Empire and the irradiated expanses of Gamma World there are places far beyond the Great Wheel. All too often our PCs find themselves in the oddest places…
  • Factions and Affilliations From the fractious factions of Sigil to the ISPD of the Dragon Empire and Department 7, they’re all here! The various power groups of our core dimensions, often broken down into a planet by planet scale.

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    The Beyonders
    Rumored to be survivors of or refugees from a prior incarnation of the multiverse.
  • The Arcane The mysterious, blue giants who hold the secret to manufacturing spelljamming helms. Afraid to step foot in Sigil they base their efforts in Wildspace and the demiplane of Union.
  • The Illithids The one constant across all known parallel universes is the psionic threat of the mind flayers. Often wielding organic technology and psionic weapons of great power, they are feared by all.
  • The leShay AS elves are to humans, so are the LeShay to elves. That is all most people know of them, if they have even heard the name…

    The Ancient Brethren
    Beyond the ken of even the Gods themselves are The Ancient Brethren. Divination fails or backlashes when used and what little records of them exist are almost impossible to find.
  • The Spelljammer An omen of good or ill, depending on who you ask. The giant mantis ship glides through wildspace, a city upon it’s back.
  • The Lady of Pain Her Serenity is the force that keeps the Gods from entering Sigil. Rarely seen she often leaves blood and ozone in her wake. She never leaves The Cage.
  • The Serpent The teacher of Vecna, a primal force of sentient arcane energy.

    The Powers
    Those entities that derive their power from worship.
  • Gods and Deities – Prominent deities used in our campaigns from Celestian to Gond and beyond.
  • Archfiends Matching the deities in sheer power, the archfiends are much less predictable lot. Fortunately thy expend most of their energy fighting each other or in the Blood War.

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