Bardic Masterpieces
There is magic in music.
The source of sorcerous power.
Divine areas of influence.
The Eldritch power of witchcraft.
Oracle Mysteries
Glimpses of the infinite.
From the named spells of yore to prayers of the future.

Dimensional Magic Baselines

Call of Chtulhu
Awakening and Spell Drain | Forbidden Magic | Incantations | Lesser Magic
Burnt World of Athas
Defiler Magic | Preserver Magic
Forgotton Realms
Spellfire and The Weave

Shadowrun Magic
Awakening and Spell Drain | Incantations
Urban Arcana
Incantations | Lesser Magic

New Rules
Dolorous Wounds Some wounds cannot be healed.
Forbidden Magic Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn!
Incantations Magic for the the average person.
Possession When Outsiders take control.
Raising the Dead – Mishaps Coming back wrong.
Spell Hooks, Bubbles, and Crystals Don’t get summoned!
Words of Power The fundamental building blocks of magic.

PL 5 + Urban Arcana/X-Crawl
Casting Spells Through Email

PL 7+ Dragonstar/Shadowrun
Commercial Spellcasting | Spellbook Software | Telespell


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