Wildspace Subdomain most often embraced by Clerics of Celestian The Star Wanderer and Ptah The Opener of The Way.

From the named spells of yore such as Bigby’s Crushing Fist, to prayers of the modern age here are the esoteric secrets sought by spellcaster a of all stripes.

Longer are more complicated than spells, but requiring no casting ability, incantations are a more accessible tier of magic for the the average person.

Forbidden Magic
The raw and dangerous magic of Great Old Ones.

Burnt World of Athas
Preserver Magic
Defiler Magic

New Rules
Dolorous Wounds Some wounds imprint themselves upon the spirit and cannot be healed.
Raising the Dead – Mishaps sometimes they don’t come back quite right.
Spell Hooks, Bubbles, and Crystals spells manifest in the most interesting ways when you are on other planes. The hooks of summoning spells often flying think and fast depending on your location.

PL 5 +
Casting Spells Through Email

PL 7
Commercial Spellcasting
Spellbook Software


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