Ladies of Crede

Type Wizard guild
Members Female wizards
Leader Amiranda
Headquarters Oakenheart, Sea Barons
Enemies Oakenheart Thieves’ Guild

The Ladies of Crede are a female-only society of wizards based in Oakenheart in the land of the Sea Barons.

Crede was an early name of Oakenheart. The Ladies have earned the enmity of the local Thieves’ Guild after several victories against their organization. As of yet, there have been no reprisals.

The Ladies of Crede are open only to women, but will admit any female wizard who is willing to aid them in their goals and donate a 50 gp entry fee. They are civic-minded, advancing the causes of education, aiding the poor, and preventing crime. The Ladies deal mostly with people, not things. They might help the refugees and wounded of wars, but will not fund or advance the wars themselves, for example. They might help the inhabitants of a building, but they don’t create buildings or monuments.

There are about two hundred women on the society’s roster, but only about thirty are active at any one time. Each is required to devote at least five hours of their time a week, or to cast at least five useful spells to advance their cause. Most donate the full amount of time rather than taking the easier route.

They are led by nine council members, who elect a First Lady to lead them. The First Lady of Crede has the same power as any other member of the council, but she acts as the Ladies’ voice and as a tiebreaker.

The current First Lady is a half-elf called Amiranda.

The Ladies are based in Oakenheart, where they meet in public places or in each other’s homes.

Ladies of Crede

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