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Welcome to the central repository. From here you can access the character journals created by our players over the course of the past several campaigns.

The journals linked here exist on the wikis for their respective campaigns so you will need to use your browser’s back button to return here.

Skull and Shackles and Distant Worlds

Cassandra’s Log

Jack’s Poems and Letters

Zach’s Songs and Tales

Ad Astra Per Arcana.

Ad astra group

The Journals of Katya Volkov of Ribcage

Katya’s Sketchbook

The Journals of Solon of Paharagos

The Journals of Heinzelman Hodekin of Sigil

The Spelljoined

Spelljoined button 300

The Journals of Kenari Sanura, Claw of Bast

The Journals of Vedis Valentine, Capt. of The Nomad

The Journals of Lenata, Priestess of Celestian

The Ship’s Log of the Fools Earrand by Ef Utan

The Misfits
Misfits group button 300
The Journals of Hissarmau of the Ta’anmrow

The Journals of Casimir Syzygy

The Seven Stars
7star group button 300
The Journals of Etsuriko Chi’asan Toraneko

Journals and Chronicles

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