Geonomicon of The Seekers

The Geonomicon is a large book containing details on the many worlds that have been explored by various adventurers. Copies of the book are rare, and extremely costly: from 2,000 gp for small excerpts to well over 20,000 gp for a complete version. The various incarnations of The Seekers, (from the Company of the Orb and Sword in Greatspace to the Pathfinder Society of Golarion) all contribute entries to the various editions of the work that exist. Legend says that there are only seven full volumes in all of Wildspace.

The Phlogiston (Plane)
Ancient Penumbra
Astromundi Cluster
The Crimson Sphere of the Dark Sun
Destroyed Crystal Shells
The Etherdeep
Ether Shift
The Lost Dead God
The Radiant Triangle

Wildspace (Planes)
Arcane Inner Flow
Arcane Outer Flow
The Maelstrom
The Pearls
The Trulian Ring
The Weird
Vodoni Empire
Lost Spheres

Geonomicon of The Seekers

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