Factions and Affilliations

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Greyhawk Factions
Golarion Factions
Ptolus Organizations

Illithid Creeds

Alternate Dimensions
Dragonstar Organizations Far future alternate where magic is common. Psionics are uncommon.
Gamma World Cryptic Alliances Gamma Terra, Alpha Complex, and the Starship Warden. No magic, heavy on psionics.
Shadowrun Affilliations Cyberpunk alternate where magic is common. Psionics are nearly nonexistent.
Urban Arcana Organizations Modern alternate where both psionics and magic are uncommon. Incantations are the dominant form of magic.
X Crawl Leagues and Sponsors Magic is common on this modern alternate where dungeon crawling has evolved into a reality tv sporting event.

Factions and Affilliations

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