Directing Oligarchy

Type Governmental
Members Greyhawk citizens
Leader Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal
Headquarters Free City of Greyhawk
Enemies Iuz, Pomarj

The Directing Oligarchy of the Free City of Greyhawk is the chief governing body of Greyhawk City. The Directing Oligarchy is also responsible for governing the Domain of Greyhawk, though its authority and reach is somewhat more limited in that respect. Members of the Directing Oligarchy are usually called “Directors,” or sometimes, “Oligarchs.”

The Directing Oligarchy numbers twelve to eighteen individuals, representing the city’s major professional guilds and the military. In some cases, the Oligarchy may include important wizards and/ or clerics.

A Director’s term is indefinite, though a director may leave office through retirement, resignation, or death. It is assumed that a Director may also be removed from office. New Directors are chosen by current council members when a vacency must be filled.
The Directors elect one of their number to serve as Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor serves for life, acting as head of state for the City and Domain of Greyhawk, while also heading both the Directing Oligarchy and the Council of Mayors and Manorial Lords. The Lord Mayor also officially acts as commander-in-chief of Greyhawk’s military, though actual command is most often left to the Captain General of the Watch.

Current Directors
As of 598 CY, the Directing Oligarchy numbers sixteen, consisting of the following members:
Nerof Gasgal, Lord Mayor of Greyhawk (male human rogue 10/expert 5, AL LN). Lord Mayor since 570 CY, it is assumed Gasgal was an Oligarch prior to assuming his current office.
Carmen Halmaster, high-ranking member of the Merchants’ and Traders’ Union (male human rogue 8, AL N).
Dernan Nathane, Guildmaster of the Merchants’ and Traders’ Union (male human swashbuckler 2/rogue 10, AL N). Second only to Nerof Gasgal amaong the Directors.
Glodreddi Bakkanin, Inspector of Taxes for the Greyhawk Revenue Service (male dwarf rogue 12, AL LE).
Kieren Jalucian, Guildmaster of the Guild of Wizardry and Principal of the Greyhawk University of Magical Arts (male human wizard 13/archmage 5, AL NG).
Org Nenshen, Master of the Guild of Thieves (male human rogue 18, AL LN).
Ravel Dasinder, Patriarch of Boccob (male human cleric 10/divine oracle 10, AL N).
Stakaster Villaine, Patriarch of Zilchus (male human cleric 20, AL LN).
Vesper Lafanel, Guildmaster of Assassins (male grey elf rogue 3/wizard 5/arcane trickster 7/assassin 3, AL NE). Chosen to replace Turin Deathstalker in 582 CY.
Cariel Mansharn, member of the Merchants’ and Traders’ Union (male human duskblade 8, AL LE). Chosen to replace Ren o’ the Star in 583 CY.
Tigran Gellner, Captain-General of the Watch (male fighter 12, AL LN). Chosen in 583 CY to replace Sental Nurev as both Director and Captain-General of the Watch.
Torrentz Hebvard, President of the Society of Magi (male human wizard 12, AL LN). Chosen to replace Otiluke some time after the later’s death in 584 CY.
Gerda Hollardel, Guildmaster of the Jewelers’ and Gemcutters’ Guild (human female expert 5/rogue 1 AL CN). Chosen to replace her father, Bodmi Hollardel, in 588 CY.
Stimtrin Cannasay, officer of the Merchants’ and Traders’ Union (male dwarf expert 6, AL LN). Chosen to replace Laup Cobrun in 589 CY.
Sir Gavin Ambus, Chief Constable of Greyhawk (male human fighter 13, AL LG). Chosen to replace Etin Derecs in 596 CY.
Silas Steamgem, Master of the Guild of Moneylenders and Pawnbrokers (male gnome). Chosen to replace Eritai Kaan-Ipzirel in Planting of 598 CY.

Former Directors
Ponjes the Bull†, former Landgraf of the Selintan. Founded the Directing Oligarchy circa 209 CY, serving as Lord Mayor until his death.
Zagig Yragerne, demigod (male human wizard, AL CN). Joined the Directing Oligarchy 310 CY, and shortly thereafter became Lord Mayor, serving until 421 CY.
Turin Deathstalker, military governor of Safeton (male human, AL LE). Former Guildmaster of Assassins. Resigned as Guildmaster and Director in 582 CY, and replaced by Vesper Lafanel in both capacities.
Ren o’ the Star†, former Guildmaster of the Merchants’ and Traders’ Union (male half-elf). Murdered in 583 CY. Replaced as Director by Cariel Mansharn, and as Guildmaster by Dernan Nathane.
Sental Nurev†, former Captain-General of the Watch (male human fighter). Committed suicide in 583 CY, and replaced in both offices by Tigran Gellner.
Derider Fanshen, priestess of Pelor (female human cleric 7/radiant servant 7, AL NG). Former Chief Constable of Greyhawk, retired in late 591 CY. Replaced in both offices by Etin Derecs.
Etin Derecs, retired Chief Constable (male human fighter 13, AL LE). Replaced in Derider Fanshen in 591, serving until 596, when he was forced to “retire” for health reasons. Replaced as Director and Chief Constable by Sir Gavin Ambus.
Jerome Kasinkaia, priest of Rao (male human cleric 20, AL LG). Former Patriarch of Rao in Greyhawk. Retired to Mitrik in 596 CY.
Sir Anton Palmirian†, former Chief Judge of Greyhawk and Guildmaster of the Lawyers’, Scribes’, and Accountants’ Guild (male human expert 12, AL LE). Sir Anton died in 597 CY.
Eritai Kaan-Ipzirel, Matriarch of Saint Cuthbert (female cleric 14, AL LN). Served as an Oligarch from 584 CY until her resignation in Planting of 598 CY. Replaced on the Directing Oligarchy by Silas Steamgem.

The Directing Oligarchy traces its roots back to the early third century, when Greyhawk was still subject to the Great Kingdom. In 209 CY, Greyhawk’s garrison commander, Ponjes the Bull, was appointed Landgraf of the Selintan by Overking Jiranen, after the assassination of Landgraf Lucien Nial. Attempting to avoid Nial’s fate, Ponjes restructured the local government, dubbing himself Greyhawk’s first Lord Mayor, and creating an executive council to share power, composed of military, civic, and religious leaders—the Directing Oligarchy.

Directing Oligarchy

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