Cult of the Black Flame

Type Religious
Founded Unknown
Members Unknown
Leader Ohjos (formerly)
Symbol Unknown
Headquarters Hool Marshes (formerly)
Allies Unknown
Enemies Silent Ones

The Cult of the Black Flame is an obscure sect of fire worshippers who seek the freedom and apotheosis of an unnamed ancient evil elemental being or beings thought long driven from the Oerth (see Elder Elemental God for a list of such beings, but there is some indication that the Cult of Black Flame may have had ties to or secret knowledge of Bwimb). They possibly revere the Crystal of the Ebon Flame as a holy relic of their faith.

The Cult of the Black Flame are chiefly known for their use of a magical ebon fire that burns cold and drains the lifeforce from its victims, leaving them empty husks unmarked by any visible signs of their deaths. Primarily chaotic evil in alignment, they summoned guardian daemons, demons, and beings from the Paraelemental Plane of Ooze called vitrioli.

It is clear that the Cult of the Black Flame once, about a hundred years ago, thrived in the Hool Marshes under the leadership of their high priest Ohjos before being driven to a country in the far south where they remain today.

The efforts of the cult are seen as dangerous and perverse by the Silent Ones, who have become their foes.

Cult of the Black Flame

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