Years of the long silence

Ancient civilization period

-470,000 – Droyne evolve into their present form some time before this.
-470,000 to -350,000 – Droyne remain at a technological plateau of TL 5.
-350,000 to -310,000 – Droyne advance from TL 5 to TL 10 on their homeworld, although without discovering jump drive.
-312,463 – Ancients uplift first Vargr, according to the teachings of the Church of the Chosen Ones. Not accepted by Imperial scientists.
-310,000 – Grandfather appears among the Droyne on Eskayloyt (unknown homeworld), creates his children, and discovers immortality.
-310,000 – The Ancients burst onto the scene.
-310,000 – The Ancients inhabit the general region of the Spinward Marches and explore all of known space
-300,000 – The Ancients visit Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) and take Humaniti to more than 100 worlds, leaving evidence on at least 90 worlds, although only 49 distinct populations survives today.
-300,000 – The Ancients transport humans to Darrian (Spinward Marches 0627) from Terra (Solomani Rim 1827).
-300,000 – Ancients arrive at Zhodane (Zhodane 2719) with humans.
-300,000 – Ancients adapt humans to live on 769-422 (Spinward Marches 0240), in a thin atmosphere with few edible plants.
-300,000 – Ancients briefly explore the planet Mercury in the Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) system.
-310,000 – Vargr transplanted from Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) to Lair (Provence 2402) by the Ancients.
-300,000 – Multi-world rosette built at Tireen (Knaeleng 2910), in the Vargr Extents by the Ancients.
-300,000 – Extensive development of the Qiknavra continent on Zhodane (Zhodane 2719) by the Ancients.
-300,000 – The Lamura Teg, a human minor race, are deposited on Cikuek (Hinterworlds 2907), with their almost symbiotic, non-human “brothers”, the Lamura Gav, by the Ancients.
-300,000 – Ringworld constructed at Leenitakot (Hinterworlds 1432) by the Ancients
-300,000 – The Ancients transplant a colony of dolphins and other supporting ecology from Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) to Newcastle (Lishun 1801); the dolphins died out, but the ecology intermixed with the local ecology

Final War
-290,000 – The Ancients die out during a 2000-year period of intense warfare, leaving only ruined cities and shattered planets.
-290,000 – During the Final War, the planetary crust of 971-852 (Trojan Reach 2814) is cracked, causing severe alterations to the planet’s tectonics.
-290,000 – Planetary bombardment of Darrian (Spinward Marches 0627) during the Final War.
-290,000 – Planetary bombardment of Victoria (Spinward Marches 1817) during the Final War.
-290,000 – The Ancients destroy themselves in an extensive conflict known as the Final War, leaving humans to survive and develop on more than 90 separate worlds.
-290,000 – Eskayloyt (unknown Droyne homeworld) is believed destroyed at the end of the 2000-year long Final War
-290,000 – Zhodane (Zhodane 2719) devastated by nuclear attack during the Final War; humans scatter; nuclear winter causes worldwide ice age.
-290,000 – Ancients abandon a group of humans on a support base on Tondoul (Spinward Marches 0739).
-290,000 – Several large asteroidal masses strike Rejhappur (Reavers’ Deep 1218) during the Ancients’ Final War.
-290,000 – The population on Darrian (Spinward Marches 0627) stabilizes at about 500,000. They have managed to retain some technology from the time of the Ancients, such as animal husbandry and writing.
-290,000 – Grandfather creates the Braykossa astrophysical laboratory in a pocket universe in the Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) system.
-290,000 – Minimum dating variance for the civilization of the Ancients based on various dating methods.

The Hiatus
-200,000 – Darrian flame pits begin to burn out.
-200,000 – Shriekers begins dividing the duties of food gathering, scouting for new food sources, and child care on a permanent basis.
-150,000 – Shriekers have developed rudimentary agriculture and have domesticated a few meat animals.
-108,000 – Sun-worshipping empire of Shriekers on 567-908 centralizes food production; noble class develops medicine, construction, and irrigation. The empire eventually falls due to a severe drought and the resulting famine and plague.
-100,000 – Extensive migrations on Darrian. Basins settled.
-75,000 – Droyne “renaissance” on about 20 separate worlds.
-50,000 – Unknown alien race builds pyramid structure on Yorbund.
-30,000 – Last of Ancients war machines on Vland powers down to a passive state to conserve power.
-23,000 – Philosopher-King Derit Lipit in Boyr Basin formulates basic Darrian philosophical concepts.
-22,000 – Hermit-philosopher Yikan Yikan in Nyadh Basin formulates concepts very similar to those of Derit Lipir.
-20,000 – Contact and migrations between Abh, Nyadh, Rimb, and Boyr Basins on Darrian.
-,? – “Many years and many philosophers” after Yikan Yikan the law-giver Notan Taledh combines Derit Lipit’s and Yikan Yikan’s philosophies and promulgates the Taledh Legal Code.
-16,000 – First migrations to and from Zlodh Basin on Darrian.
-15,000 Major interaction between Zlodh and neighboring basins; Rise of the Zlodh Empire. [D:25]
-15,000 – Agricultural culture arises among Shriekers.

Emergence into Space
-10,011 – First Vilani space exploration

Years of the long silence

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