Regen Bath

Regen Bath
Regen Bath is a process using chemical compound OxyVitro. This compound has the same nutrients as the tanks that grow the In-Vitro. They have antiseptic, antibiotics and many basic drugs that interact directly with the damaged cells. They help regenerate a living body in an accelarate rate. Each hour of use will allow the user to heal as if he had a full night of rest. Minor organs and system can regrow in 24 hours. The tank can also regenerate negative hit points equal to the character total levels. The RB works on all mayor living races but not in robots.

The Regen Bath comes in three modalities:

More convenient to transport and use but one dose works only for one hour. They are shaped like bandages and are applied directly to the wound(s).
Size: Tiny
Weight: 0.5lbs
Restriction: Res(+1)
P_DC: 17

The Canister has the equivalent as 20 doses. Five canisters (mixed with other nutrients and chemicals) are needed to fill a RB-Tank.
Size: Small
Weight: 10lbs
Restriction: Res(+1)
P_DC: 22

A tank is big enough to have a living being of medium size or less inside. The tank helps the recuperation of the patient monitoring it’s signal with an integrated Medcomp that can interfase with any computer. The individual inside the tank will be maintaned sedated, feeded trought serums and breathing with a mask. The tank uses five canisters and works for up to five days with them.
Size: Huge
Weight: 500lbs
Restriction: Res(+1)
P_DC: 30

Regen Bath

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