Dimension - Dragonstar

Dimension Dragonstar | Dragonstar Organizations
Known Planes Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Astral, Ethereal, Alignment Planes
Dimensional Flux
Magic Spellware | Commercial Spellcasting | Incantations | Casting Spells Through Email
Psionics High
Avg Progress Level 7

Races Androids | Soulmechs |
Skills Computer Use
Feats Cybernetic Surgery | Craft Cybernetics | Computer Backdoor | Computer Charm | Computer Code Monkey | Computer False Trail | Computer Stealth
Gear PL 7 Gear | Advanced Materials | Cybernetics and Prosthetics

The Dragon Empire is a huge bureaucracy, ruled over by the ten houses of dragons, five chromatic and five metallic, led by Mezzenbone, a red dragon of immense might and evil disposition, who sometimes travels on board The Maleficant, one of the few remaining immense Dreadnought class warship spacecraft.

Across the galaxy, the same fantasy races are found to inhabit countless worlds, sometimes living in great technological civilizations or magically advanced medieval cultures. When the inhabitants of many of these worlds took to the stars by magic or machine (usually both), they were amazed by their similarities. Even their languages were the same, although different dialects had evolved on the various worlds. Both scientists and archmages alike tried to come up with a logical explanation of why most worlds were almost the same, but they were stumped. Eventually, a predominant religious leader of unknown origin emerged and propose that all the gods of every religion were the same, just different aspects of the twelve “True Gods.” All the myriad gods of the various planetary religions are just reflections of these same 12 “Deitypes” (Deity Archetypes) with the Deitypes being basic, primordial, archetypal icons such as The Father, The Mother, The Magus, The Smith, The Destroyer, The Trickster, and so on; the deities of some of the more sophisticated planetary religions are hybrid composite reflections of two or more of the Deitypes. This theory answered the otherwise baffling question of why the multitudes of worlds across the galaxy bore beings and races that were nearly identical to each other in biology, appearance, culture, and even language; it was because these 12 universal Deitypes seeded them all across the life supporting worlds of the galaxy. This new religion formed the basis of an emerging unified interstellar culture, which the dragons eventually rose to dominate and unite under a single massive Dragon Empire which rules all of known inhabited space, assimilating newly discovered inhabited planets along the edge of the Empire, also known as the Outlands.

Dimension - Dragonstar

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