Arcanetech or M-Tech
M-tech – Magical items or technology usually related to the Mana System habitants. Also known as Arcantech. (see entry)

At this point in time and space, the races have encounter many other races with FX abilities like magic (both divine and arcane), mutations and psionics. These three once oscure and mystic sciences are now studied and cataloged like any other material. There are schools and organizations dedicated exclusivelly to them and artifacts built and sold for those with the ability to harless that kind of abilities.

A spell is a one-time magical effect. Magic is used by individuals with magical power, which include spellcasters and creatures with spells and spell-like abilities. Spells can be arcane or divine.

Arcane spells involve direct manipulation of mystic energies. These manipulations require long study, and tend to produce dramatic results.

Divine spells draw power from an unworldly source, be it from within the caster’s own beliefs or some greater entity of power. Divine spellcasting requires meditation and provides more utilitarian effects, including the ability to heal the wounded. Some spells may be cast by both arcane and divine caster, functioning as arcane spells when cast by arcane casters and divine spells when cast by divine casters.

Most spells require the caster to speak some utterance, make complex gestures, or sometimes expend an object or a small quantity of some substance. The spellcaster’s activity is visible to others, and the effects often are too, but the magic itself is not.

Each spellcasting advanced class learns and casts spells differently. See the class description for more details.

Arcane Progress
Some civilizations follow the path of magic instead of a path of progress based on technology. This civilization has magic items and can cast spells. They have access to metamagic feats and magical oriented classes and skills. Items are built with style and beauty in mind, with gems and arcane symbols all around them.
Skills & Feats: To recognize this technology an unfamiliar character needs 5 ranks in the Knowledge (Arcane Lore) skill. Magical “Craft” feats are needed to build and repair them.
How to use: Arcane equipment usually needs levels in a magical class to use but the Divine and Magical Heritage feats discussed in the Urban Arcana manual is enough to use them.
PL 0: In the stone ages, the arcane will begin to develop the basic concepts of nature an give them magical attributes. They will explore herbalism and the first symbols will appear with the same semi-random magical rituals.
PL 1: In the bronze and iron ages the magic rituals will be structured and recorded in secret scrolls and then converted into spells by specific individuals. Alchemy will be born as a science and herbalism will be considered as a magical studied of nature. The first magical items in the form of medieval weapons and armors will be built.
PL 2: In the middle ages magic will be a common practice with magicians be considered wise men and respected for their power. The magical arts will be taught by this men to their apprentices. Magic items will be more variable with spells stored into scrolls, potions, rings, wands, staffs and many other miscellaneous magical items. This items will be activated using complex gestures or magical words that are only known to the one who built it. Personal libraries of magical tomes will be in the procession of the wealthy magicians.
PL 3: In the age of reason the teaching of magic will be a more open science. There will be guild-like schools that teach people from the middle classes how to do magic. Magic items will be produced to help in construction of ships and castles but mainly for war machine. The first flying vehicles will be available, like flying carpets, flying brooms and flying boats.
PL 4: In the industrial age common people will be taught how to operate basic magic items and how to cast basic spells. Magic items will be constructed in mass quantities each time more simple to use and to built. Magic items will be used in many aspects of daily life, like flying ships to transport people an cargo. Libraries with magical tomes will be available to be used by those who want to learn more about magic. Magic used will be specialized in different areas as will be magical spells. Animation of the death will be used as a tool to get cheap labor, for example.
PL 5: In the information age the common man will be able to learn magic in any university. Magic items will be used in every aspect of daily life and activated by simple magical words or a more simpler switch. Specialist in different areas of magic will be common with universities teaching specific areas of magic. Magical ways of transmitting and storing information in magical items will be used to replace the old text books. The fusion of specific spells with magic items used to enhance their effect, extend their range or their duration and record their presence will be commonplace. For example crystal balls that receive and transmit and store what was transmitted for later viewing.
PL 6: In the fusion age more advanced ways of producing magical energy sources will provide with more complex spells that will allow the building of spaceships powered by magic. Golems will be built in mass to do difficult and dangerous work.
PL 7: In the gravity age spells that extend their effect to cover complete cities will be available. Magical force fields and mass teleportation portals will be common and also spells that detect other types of non-magical technologies.
PL 8: In the energy age and beyond magical teleportation between planets will be available in the energy age.

Arcane Gear
The specific gear is powered by magical means, a magical enchanted crystal or spell.
Advantages: The power has double it’s number of charges or uses but needs to be recharged by a specific magician or in a magic oriented planet. Weapon of this sort works like magic weapons and can attack creatures that are vulnerable to magic.
Disadvantages: The gear is subject to spell resistance and anti magic areas.
Minimum PL of Gear: 2
Purchase DC adjustment: +10


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