Ship: The Voidsong


The Voidsong -Battle Dolphin
Colossal space vehicle
Squares 300 (30 ft. by 250 ft.); Cost gp

AC 2; Hardness 5 Wood
hp 4500 (2250)
Base Save + 0

Maximum Speed ft.; Acceleration 3 TR
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8

Propulsion As Helm
Driving Check Pilot Spelljammer
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device * Helm
*Driving Space
the nine squares around the helm that sits at the front of the bridge
Crew 12
Passengers 60
Decks 5
Weapons 2 medium catapults
Mods Covered, Sturdy Hull

Named Examples: The Lightbringers – The Voidsong


Dolphin Shuttle
The shuttle can carry 50 tons of cargo or 100 soldiers.

Colossal space / water vehicle
Squares 40 (20 ft. by 50 ft.); Cost 13,000 gp

AC 2; Hardness 5
hp 600 (299)
Base Save +4
Maximum Speed TR 1 or 60 ft. (current) or 30 ft. (muscle); Acceleration 15 ft. (muscle) or 30 ft. (current)
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8

Propulsion current (air; 20 squares of sails, hp 100), current (water), or muscle (pushed; 8 Medium rowers)
Driving Check Pilot Spelljammer, or Diplomacy or Intimidate while rowed, or Profession (sailor) or Knowledge (nature) +10 to the DC when sail is used
Forward Facing ship’s forward
Driving Device tactical helm, rudder
Driving Space the two middle rear squares of the keelboat
Crew 8
Decks 1


Ship: The Voidsong

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