Ship: INS Stormbreaker


Cmdr. Alanar Mirani’s Investigation Summary

INS Stormbreaker put to space five years ago in 2002 DR but is currently under quarantine at Lionheart Imperial Elven Navy HQ pending investigation.

The captain and crew claim to have spent a tenday in Realmspace engaging and destroying a Scro battle fleet (our allies, of all things!)… in the year 1374 DR. Gun camera footage from her Flitters do record an engagement between 2 mint condition Goblin Arrows (a very one-sided battle, the goblins had a bad day), and CIC data feeds do record engagements with unclassified hostiles. Still, the captain and crew’s claim is preposterous, and investigators are looking for evidence of psych weed in the ship’s hull or in the crew’s possession. Even Arindale, the elven spirit bound to the ship’s mythal, seems to be affected.

For the sake of completness, I’ve enclosed a brief description of the Divine Retribution-class Guided Missile Destroyer, of which the INS Stormbreaker is an example.


As a guided missile destroyer, Stormbreaker has 23 vertical launching system cells for a total of 230 missile silos. Each silo has either 4 chemical high explosive Standard Intercept Missiles (6d12 dmg each) or a single one megaton plasma yield cruise missile (16d8 dmg). Stormbreaker also has 4 turrets, each carrying two 16" accelerator guns (8d12 dmg). Finally, the ship carries a single sphere of annhilation cannon (10d8 dmg).

For defense, 7 Close-in-weapons-systems (CIWS) target and destroy incomming missiles (and, apparently, ballista bolts and catapult stones). Her enhanced starfly hull provides protection equivalent to cerametal. And of course her ability to dimension door up to 50 miles per day and teleport without error once per day help her get out of harms’ way as well.

Stormbreaker’s landing pads accomodate a variety of spacecraft including a squadron of Mk 7 Flitters.


Size: Colossal (-8 size)

Type: Medium

Subtype: Guided Missile Destroyer

Tactical Speed: 3,000 ft (6 squares)

Defense: 7

Flat-footed Defense: 5

Autopilot Defense: 5

Hardness: 30

Hit Dice: 200d20 (4,000 hp)

Init: +6

Pilot’s Class Bonus: +3

Pilot’s Dex Modifier: +4

Gunner’s Attack Bonus: +2

Targeting System Bonus: +3

Crew: 120 (trained +4)

Passenger Capacity: 80

Cargo Capacity: 7,200 tons

Grapple Modifier: +16

Mass: 28,800 tons

Hull Length: 502 ft

Beam: 128 ft

Wingspan: 514 ft

Length Overall: 544 ft

Adapted from Realmspace 2008 by Michael Billard ( by Loki


Ship: INS Stormbreaker

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