Right Eye of Vecna


The right eye of Vecna is a mummified eyeball from Vecna’s original right eye socket. The eye resembles nothing so much as an albino prune, wrinkled and leathery. The eye radiates powerful magic that cannot be analyzed directly. Once in place, it functions as a normal eye in the recipient’s right eye socket, though it appears hazed and milky as if blind.

Constant Powers: Spell Resistance 15; Power Residtance 15.

Recipient gains darkvision 120 feet and can see in magical darkness.

Invoked Powers: Recipient can cast darkness on a single creature as a gaze attack. A failed saving throw denotes the effect is centered on the target’s eyes and has a duration of one day. This power can be used successfully three times per day.

Curse: Every month of attachment, the recipient must make a Will Save (DC 25). On a failed save, the recipient temporarily (4d4+4 hours) acts as if charmed by Vecna and acts according to that powers desires, if applicable.

Destruction: Any force, natural or magical, that can inflict 50 points of damage from a single blow, spell, or effect is sufficient to destroy the right eye. In addition, someone using the molars of Vecna can destroy the relic.


Right Eye of Vecna

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