D-Drive Generator


The D-drive generator can be incorporated into a starship’s engine design, allowing the ship to travel between dimensions. Considered the safest form of dimensional travel, D-drive generators allow ships in space to cross dimensions. Due to the enormous power drain, the D-drive generator shuts down for 12 hours after the dimensional jump is completed. In addition, the starship’s weapon systems, defense fields, defense screens, and engines shut down for 2 hours. At Progress Level 8, only Colossal starships can be fitted with a D-drive generator. Progress Level 9 sees many improvements in the D-drive generator.

Any size starship can be equipped with one, and the generator can be reactivated after 6 hours; the ship’s disabled weapons, defense fields, defense screens, and engines come back online after only 10 minutes.

Purchase DC: 48 (PL 8 D-drive generator), 44 (PL 9 D-drive generator).


D-Drive Generator

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