Large Luigi

Owner of The Laughing Beholder


Large Luigi is a beholder who hails from the planet H´catha. he was one of the few beholders who was able to ascend the spindle and gain complete knowledge of everything. When he returned to the bottom of the mountain, he changed. No longer was he lawful evil in alignment, for the knowledge he gained boosted his intelligence and wisdom, and his alignment changed to LN as a direct result. He was looked down upon by the other beholders in his species because he finally understood the purpose of his race: to gain all the information that there is to learn, and to become the ultimate information brokers of the universe. He had gained all knowledge of everything, but the other beholders refused to accept him. once they found that his deathray had been replaced by the ability to detect lies, he became an immediate outcast.

Running for his life, he again traversed the spindle. after convincing a tradesman ship of his dilemma. The humans took him on as a crew member, eventually dropping him of at the rock of Bral, where he is today. he purchased a bar, and currently bartends and keeps the peace. he is known to use his charm person and sleep abilities to keep the fighting in his bar to a minimum. he is an outstanding Bral citizen and businessman.
he is the ultimate non-deitiy information broker in the known spheres. he never gives out information which would upset the delicate balance between good and evil. both serve a purpose, as he commonly says, and neither can exist without the other.

Adapted from SJR2, page 49


Large Luigi

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