Erika The Red

Planar Champion and Paladin of Pelor


Assigned to assist The Four by the Mage of the Valley, the paladin Erika had little but disdain for the chaotic ruffians. While in the Vault of the Drow she and Tanth both accidentally consumed an elixir of love. (Failing multiple saves made it permanent!) Since then they have married, although Drego’s growing darkness is a huge bone of contention for them.


Barsolidor, the Tyrant Bane

Magic Item
(Book of Exalted Deeds, p. 116)

Price: 52,515 gp
Body Slot: Weapon
Caster Level: 15th
Aura: Strong; Divination
Weight: — lb.

+3 longsword; AL CG; Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 17; Speech, telepathy, 120 ft. darkvision, and hearing; Ego score 15.
Languages: Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven.
Lesser Powers: Cure moderate wounds on wielder 3/day, zone of truth 3/day, 10 ranks in Knowledge (history) (total modifier +13).
Greater Powers: Detect lawful evil at will.
Personality: Originally called Razorleaf, this sword was renamed shortly after the death of its creator, an elf crusader who dedicated his life to fighting tyranny. A champion and advisor of many kings, Barsolidor succeeded in imprinting fragments of his life experience on the blade before his death. The sword vehemently opposes tyranny and slavery, and when its current wielder grows too old to fight, it asks to be passed on to a younger champion of good who shares its purpose and ideals.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor , Cure Moderate Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Law, Zone of Truth .
Cost to Create: 26,258 gp, 2,101 XP, 53 day(s).

Erika The Red

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